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Top Breeder 2004 - 2006 - 2007

It was in 1993 I had the privilege of meeting Val and Peter Stinton of the Surfstone Boxer Affix. I then purchased Surfstone Hot Property, who became My First Serious Show Dog, My First Champion and My Best Mate!

This could not have happened without the help and guidance of Mandy Laidlaw (Roamaro). I met Mandy at Stanhope Agricultural Open Show whilst helping my mum show her Japanese Spitz and Samoyed, I promptly told Mandy I wanted a Boxer just like the one she had "Tizer" aka Roamaro Beau Jolias. Mandy advised me not to rush into anything and to wait until she could find me the right breeding. Then, whilst attending the Tyne Wear & Tees Boxer Club's Summer Rally, Mandy gave me Val and Peter Stintons telephone number. I left the rally immediately and headed for the nearest telephone box to call them as Mandy said they had a litter from the breeding I was looking for.

Shortly afterwards I met "OSCAR"

After winning Oscar's first RCC at 11 months old, I decided I wanted to start my own breeding lines. I went back to Mandy, Val & Peter and was very fortunate to be able to purchase a bitch by Roamaro Beau Jolias (Tizer) out of Oscar's mums half sister. I called her Chelsea aka Elite Amber of Belvurn and together with Oscar became the foundation of my breeding lines.

All of my dogs I have campaigned and I am campaigning now all come from these 2 dogs. The Champions produced through these dogs can be viewed on both the History Page & Champions Page.

Previous to Surfstone, I bred and exhibited under my first affix "BELVURN" which was registered in 1995, later in 1999 the U was changed to E and became "BELVERN"

As BELVERN I achieved TOP BREEDER 2004, 2006 and 2007

Unfortunately, in 2006 I was forced to give up the BELVERN affix. Knowing this my very good friends and mentors Val and Peter Stinton offered to transfer the ownership of their own affix over to me. I very proudly accepted and felt privileged as this is where my breeding lines all started from and on 31 Jan 2007, the Kennel Club granted & registered to me the SURFSTONE affix.

To find out more about my history with dogs take a look at my History page.


Champion Surfstone Hot Property JW &
his Great Grand Son Stanryk Day Dreamer at Surfstone JW